Company history
Stages and milestones in our development
Foundation of the fire-insurance society Rheinland Aktiengesellschaft in Neuss
The business opens on 1 April 1880 with 108 agencies in the administrative district of Dusseldorf and 49 in the administrative district of Aachen. The first executive board of RheinLand is formed, made up of the company director, businessman Franz Werhahn (1850–1925), and entrepreneur Joseph Broix (1837–1910).
Progress in office technology
The purchase of the first typewriter – a Remington – in 1903 begins a slow phasing out of transcribers at Rheinland who, standing at their lecterns, have still been an essential part of the workplace. Office work therefore becomes increasingly about sitting down.
Rheinland becomes a group
Together with two banking institutions, the life insurance company Münchener Lebensversicherungsbank AG is founded. In the following years, Rheinland develops into the Rheinland Group which is also active abroad through the Buitenlandsche Herverzekering Maatschappij and the Eidgenössische Versicherungs AG.
The age of motorisation
Insurance cover for automobilists: In 1925, Rheinland begins to act as a casualty and liability insurer for motor vehicles.
Destruction and new beginnings
In the night of 31 July to 1 August 1942, the office buildings suffer heavy damage in a bombing raid on Neuss. By the end of the war in 1945, further bomb damage means the building is largely reduced to rubble. Staff roll up their sleeves and begin the process of rebuilding. In Neuss on 11 May 1945, continuation of business is approved by the chamber of commerce.
Rheinland celebrates 75 years in existence
The anniversary takes place during the period of Germany's economic miracle. The upturn is also reflected in staff numbers: in just a few years, the number of employees at its headquarters and branch offices rises from 452 (1952) to 626 (1959).
Becoming a life insurance provider
The purchase of a stake in the life insurers Bonner Lebensversicherung in 1971 marks entry into the life insurance business.
All-round insurance in sight
The customer and a holistic approach to their insurance needs is the focus. Implementing cross-divisional services enables complete insurance packages to be offered.
Foundation of the RheinLand Holding AG
Since 1993, the companies of the RheinLand Versicherungsgruppe have been controlled by the RheinLand Holding AG which is not operationally active in the insurance business. After becoming a modern insurance group, a new group headquarters was opened in the second half of the nineties.
Environmentally friendly insurance company
Environmental protection is firmly anchored within the company's philosophy. In 1997, we publish our first environmental report. The environmental balance sheet has been an essential component of the annual report ever since.
New group headquarters at Neuss Hafen
Everything under a single roof at RheinLandplatz in Neuss. Relocation into the building in the Neuss Hafen harbour district took place in 1998. The building's glass facade is a key architectural feature in the region.
Founding of Credit Life International N.V.
In 2002, following the expansion of the payment protection business, the independent payment protection provider Credit Life International N.V. is founded, headquartered in Rotterdam. The Credit Life International brand is born.
125 years of RheinLand – a special anniversary
On a hot summer's day in June, RheinLand throws a party at its headquarters. Over 3,000 guests – including staff and their families – join the celebrations.
New brand for brokerage sales
With the founding of Rhion Versicherung AG as the risk carrier for the brokerage business, the RheinLand Group further hones its profile. The business strategy aims to significantly reduce brokers' administrative burden by providing excellent services, automated processes and innovative products.
Consolidating the business model
A strategic realignment consolidates the business model into three brands: RheinLand Versicherungen, Credit Life, Rhion Versicherungen (from 2018: They represent, respectively, the exclusive sales organisation, banking and cooperation sales, and brokerage sales.
Digitalisation and a culture of innovation
New methods, inspiration and vision. Ways of thinking, working and doing business are changing rapidly. The RheinLand Group begins the journey into the future with a corporate startup, open-plan space instead of small offices and the Future Workshop as a think tank.
Third "Goldener Bulle"
Following wins in 2012 and 2017, for a third time in January 2019 the RheinLand Group was awarded a "Goldener Bulle" – the finance world's Oscar – for an innovative insurance solution.
Open Space at RheinLandplatz
The RheinLand headquarter will be completely transformed into an open space working environment. The transparent spaces promote agile working with design thinking methods and speed up interaction and communication within the various teams.