Digitalisation for us means connecting and sharing

Benefiting from shared opportunities

We are on the way to making our organisation ready for a digital future. Our thinking and working processes are changing as we adopt new methods. The foundations of digital progress are excellent technical solutions and secure systems.


Our strength and innovative drive make us a reliable partner.


A selection of partners

BMW Bank

The BMW Bank is one of the leading automotive banks in Germany. It serves approximately 1.2 million customers. Its products range from financing, leasing, car and motorbike insurance through to customised products for asset management. As a partner to the BMW Bank, we develop specialised insurance solutions for individual mobility packages.


A cooperation agreement with the Nederlandse Vereniging van Gevolmachtigde Assurantiebedrijven (NVGA), a network of 174 underwriting agents, has been in place since 2019. Based on the new partnership, products will also be sold in the Netherlands in future. The focus is on property and liability insurance for private customers.


Bank11 is a credit institute specialising in sales and purchase financing. It supports SME vehicle retailers with competitive mobility and insurance products and, since 2018, also for two-wheeled vehicles. Our role in the Bank11 partnership is to develop creative, simple and user friendly finance products.

I'm very impressed with RheinLand's commitment to innovation and the consistency with which they implement good ideas.

Lars Dr├╝ckhammer - Blaudirekt

We were instantly impressed by the flexibility and dynamism of the RheinLand Group's highly tailored insurance solutions.

Hans-Joachim Nagel - DEVK Versicherungen

As one of our very first customers, the RheinLand Group were ready early on to test our products on the market. Both partners now benefit from this approach.

Mathias Staar - Flixcheck (Denkpark)
Connected in the digital scene

Digitalisation for us means connecting and sharing, both internally and externally. Is everyone just in it for themselves? That was maybe the case a long time ago. We are forging new contacts and establishing new partnerships with innovators like Plug and Play and InsurLab Germany. We work together with startups and offer creative minds a forum in which to present us their ideas.


Keeping an overview of innovation


We want to understand what makes the digital scene tick, and discover the trends and developments that will shape the insurance market of tomorrow. To do so, we closely monitor innovation hotspots, where new ideas are being constantly developed, in particular, in Silicon Valley, Berlin and Tel Aviv. That's where we learn for the future.